Professional Music Services

Custom Compositions:

- Music Beds

- Custom Scores

- Jingles

- Audio Sings/Audio Signature

- Scoring to Visual (music to fit your video cues)


Production & Arranging:

Songwriters - Whether you have lyrics, a chord progression, melody, concept, idea, prerecorded sketch, or rehearsed material, I will help you round out and finish your vision.  

Arranging - Orchestration of Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Rhythm Section in any combination and style. 


Remote Tracking:

- Saxophone solos,

- Saxophone parts

- Saxophone Section

I record every horn track with two mics in my home studio and deliver as .wav files using either dropbox or sendlargfile.      


Transcription: Can't find sheet music for a certain song, or need help to figure out that one lick?  From ear to beautiful printed or .pdf sheet music.  


Digital Music Copying:  I take your hand written music and turn it into beautiful digital sheet music.   


Audio Editing:  Trimming, creating loops, shaping...etc.   


Sound Design/FX: Custom sound design



Client Area

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